The Trini Connection – Lord Kitchener, Calypso King

Part of my family is from Trinidad, but according to my father, nobody liked Calypso. Well, his mother didn’t and apparently her children weren’t wild about it. When I finally got my hands on a Lord Kitchener CD in the 1990s, I felt like I’d found the key to my family’s humor.

Here’s “If You’re Brown,” and you may say this point of view is dated.

After all, there’s a black man in the White House and (it goes without saying) a Black First Lady and children.

On that note, here’s one more Kitchener tune: “If You’re Not White, You’re Black.”

What I like about Kitchener is that he wrote and sang about these topics.

Here’s some more information about Lord Kitchener:

(Never mind the typos/run-together words.)

On this 4th Day of Black History Month, I honor Lord Kitchener (April 18, 1922 – February 11, 2000).


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