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  • Max DeMarco

    I appreciate the time you took to spread the word regarding the priceless story of the black jockeys.
    my father was a Jockey & rep several different sports stars including the greatest Jockey in history. This is a mission & passion of mine for 28 years since the age of 12 , I was one of the very first at 12 to start calling dozens of sports editors @ the biggest papers insisting that they learn & cover this history & at that time nit even anyone at any levels know about the black
    jockeys, so its huge mission of mine to share &
    promote this inspiring history while honoring these sports heroes, please check out my site its about 85% finished & will be complete in next 2-3 weeks , any support in helping us to get signatures on our very important petition to officially & federally honor them will be greatly appreciated & reflected on the site. Thank you
    Max DeMarco

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